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CESA Management Solutions

CESA Management Solutions is a company that, since 1994, provides organizational consulting and business training services for medium and large companies.

Leadership and Management Training I for Managers and Middle Management – August 9, 2017 – in CESA.

 CESA MS, has trained more than 34,500 managers and middle managers in different market sectors, identifying practical solutions to real, everyday problems in leadership and leadership development today.

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Some of our achievements

CESA Managment Solutions in numbers

Years of continuous work
Managers and Middle Management Trainees
People trained in 2016

Business Management Consulting Services

Now training should seek the generation of skills in workers not the simple conjunction of skills, skills and knowledge. The configuration acquired by occupations requires workers to have a broader range of skills that involve not only knowledge and skills but also an understanding of what they are doing and the constant concern to improve their performance on a daily basis.

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Solution 300

With a focus on development, innovation, results of short term, medium term and long term evolution, CESA, implements SOLUTION 300 companies from all markets and sectors, in all latitudes.

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It is becoming more essential, assertiveness when companies incorporate staff. At present, the labor market supply produces an equation vs. Demand, which results in scarce available resources.

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Strategic Planning for Business

With this training, a manager, middle manager or team leader, you can get a superior performance involucionable and encourage your team and generate a multiplier and positive effect throughout the company with his colleagues and superiors.

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Intensive Leadership Training

CESA MS, has created a new methodology to contribute to the development of those who hold leadership positions in companies.

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Focus on the Customer – SIGO Model

Today, meet customer needs is not enough, you need to exceed your expectations, delight them, and even astonish. With this goal in mind is that a customer-focused company, seeks to align all its forces and actions to achieve this goal.

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People Management Solution for Business

Our solutions aim to facilitate the implementation process, based on a thorough analysis, allowing the line between best practice people management and strategy held by the company.

Some of our customers

  • SGS

  • Cristalpet

  • ABB

  • GFP – Global Forest Partner


  • BSE


  • Integración Afap


  • IMS Health



  • Inconcertcc


  • Securitas

  • Tata Consultancy Services

  • Banco ITAU

  • BHU

  • Banco Central del Uruguay


  • Hospital Británico

  • Prosegur


  • Ralesur

  • Agroland S.A.

  • CAMBIUM Forestal

  • Médica Uruguaya

  • Corporación Nacional para el Desarrollo

  • Saceem

  • Banco Bandes

  • Intermedia

  • Lactosan

  • Multiline

  • Montes del Plata

  • Carrasco Lawn Tennis

  • Pernod Ricard

  • Dr. Selby

  • USG

  • Riogas

  • Volvo Uruguay

  • Varlix

  • Weyerhaeuser

  • UTE

  • TEYMA Abengoa

  • IMM – Mercado Modelo

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Upcoming Training, Courses and Seminars

 We are ready to start!

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Training in Customer Service and Sales / Beginnings August 8, 2017

capacitación de habilidades directivas

Course: Negotiation based on Harvard methodology

cursos para mandos medios

Leadership and Management Training for Managers and Middle Management I / 9 August 2017

capacitación gerencial

Leadership Course – June 14, 2017

cursos de atención a clients

Course: Excellence in Customer Service – June 13, 2017

cursos de atención a clients

Seminar: Leadership – June 15, 2017 – from 9 to 12 hours – at CESA

capacitación gerencial

Leadership and Management Training for Managers and Middle Management II – August 2017 – from 9 to 17 hours – CESA

cursos de atención a clients

Leadership and Management Training for Managers and Middle Management III- August 2017 – from 9 to 17 hours – CESA

cursos de atención a clients

Course: Excellence in Sales – June 14, 2017 – at CESA

Our Services

CESA MS creates and develops its products and services, based on a permanent evolution, incorporating every year, all recommendations, suggestions and concerns of students, customers, and all the variables critical market, to provide effective and sustainable solutions time.

cursos para gerentes
cursos para mandos medios
capacitación de habilidades directivas

Customer Testimonials.

CESA MS generates lasting relationships with its customers, based on the fulfillment of the objectives, mutual trust and commitment to people and their development.

“ Technical and educational quality of training have made a very positive experience.”

“Issues management training I for Managers and Middle Management, how topics are introduced and developed, technique and teaching quality have made training a very positive experience that has done much to reinforce concepts and acquire new ones . It is a highly recommended training.” Matias Polero – IT BI/EPM Manager – Pernod Ricard

For several years we have been working with the CESA team in training, consulting and coaching services for contact personnel. Characterized by high professionalism and excellent conceptual and technical handling all about customer service, the warmth and friendliness of the whole team also contributes choosing us to follow. Thank you very much.

Mariángel Betancor, FUCAC | Commercial Manager

The experience we have with CESA is really very good, always they understand our concerns and needs well and meet the expectations of what we intended. Laura Puñales think that is an excellent facilitator, who can interpret reality and context of the organization and adapts to different audiences easily.

Cr. Gabriel Lago, Organizational Development, Banco Central del Uruguay

“In 40 years of work in Securitas, the experience gained in the two years Leadership Training for Managers I and II, has been very positive and I think that for the group of managers too, since, in these two years, we learned that , Work as a team, strengthen us more, and make the possible contributions to perform individually. I hope that this 2017, we continue enriching ourselves and learning more, to achieve, each of us, to be better professionals. An important detail is the work of the CESA team, carried out with much empathy towards us, which makes the training more interesting.”

Raúl Martinez, Surveillance Managers, SECURITAS

“From my experience in Cesa I highlight several aspects, on the one hand the excellent level of all the courses that I have done, added to a very satisfactory learning experience, with exceptional teachers and very committed to their work. He also emphasized and enhanced the excellent care and environment permanently generate either during class and leisure time. Thank you””

Cecilia Wijnants, Responsible and Specialist in People Management

“Experience in conducting training in Leadership and Management I was immensely enriching for the performance of my duties and my role within the company to which I belong. I received knowledge, which can lead to compliance with my collaborators, not all training allow us this. Thank you, excellent.”

Rosana Villar, Branch Manager, SECOM

The training needs are permanent in companies in constant growth as ours. We thank CESA that for two years we have been accompanying us, giving new and different tools to our Managers and Media Managers, to continue with the challenge of being better every day.

Rosario Díaz, GRUPO DISCO Uruguay | GRUPO CASINO Uruguay | Responsible for Training

 With a focus on development, innovation, results of short term, medium term and long term evolution, CESA, implements SOLUTION 300 companies from all markets and sectors, in all latitudes.

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